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Contact Lenses Can Lead to More Infections

June 3rd, 2015

Recent research has shown that wearing contact lenses can potentially lead to significant changes in the populations of bacteria that reside on the surface of the eye, and these individuals could be more prone to infections as a result.

Researchers at the New York University’s School of Medicine examined the microbiomes of the eye surfaces and the skin right below the eye in nine people who wore contacts and 11 who did not. The people who wore contacts turned out to have higher populations of Pseudomonas, Acinetobacter, Lactobacillus, and Methylobacterium. Additionally, these individuals had more similar bacterial makeup on the eye surface and skin under eye when compared to those who did not wear contacts. Several eye infections, including corneal ulcers, have been connected to Pseudomonas.

Infections are not simply the result of wearing contacts, however said researcher Sergio Cortes. It has been shown that they are often the result of a failure to take good care of their lenses and practice good hygiene when it comes to their contacts. If people are putting in and taking out contacts with dirty hands or failing to properly clean their lenses, it could be more possible for the eyes to become infected. The researchers are recommending that daily lenses may be the best option for those who wear contacts, because they will be using a fresh pair every day rather than continuing to reuse a pair with notable unsanitary buildup.