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New Software Solutions In Online Reputation Management

September 8th, 2016

RWS is Retailer Web Services, a company that–as of 08/23/2016–has announced a new software designed to consolidate reputation management. Called WebFronts Review, RWS’ new platform was engineered based on a consumer survey that featured 1,400 participants. They were asked how online reviews affected their choice in products or services, and once that information had been properly collected, WebFronts Review began to take shape. Currently, RWS follows a six step process which includes the monitoring of sites which users have programmed the platform to keep an eye out for, the alerting of users when reviews are posted on those sites, response to reviews negative or positive with a pre-prepared e-mail, solicitation through that e-mail for additional information/feedback, the showcasing of positive reviews on a company’s website at the touch of a button, and sharing of positive reviews through a business’s social media outlets.

According to website Online Reputation Reviews, these six things take much more time when approached individually sans consolidation. Imagine having to reply to each review personally, and being required to switch browser windows each time a reply is made. It’s much easier to have everything in one convenient location.

Software options like WebFront Review are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to online reputation management. Right now, this market is growing very quickly and will soon be the modus operandi of any modern business. Social media and the web have become integral components of modern culture, and outside a global nuclear conflict, that is probably going to remain the trend perpetually. Getting on board with such a trend is recommendable for many reasons, not least of which being the profitability which long-time successful reputation management over the internet can produce.

Businesses today should think of online reputation management the same way they think about an electrical bill, or a utility bill. It’s a necessary portion of operations that requires a segment of the budget. When considered this way, it’s easier for such solutions to build momentum over time and eventually yield substantial returns. Online reputation management software solutions like WebFront Review can help build that investment.