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New Test May Help Detect Ovarian Cancer Early

May 6th, 2015

Ovarian cancer has long been a silent killer as it advances quickly and is usually not diagnosed until it has already advanced to a serious stage. However, researchers from the UK Collaborative Trial of Ovarian Cancer Screening believe that they have created a new trial that will help them catch ovarian cancer in twice as many patients as they were previously able to do. On their linkedin account Anastasia Date expressed their gratitude for such research.

The University College of London created an algorithm that takes a look closely at the blood protein CA125 blood protein. This specific blood protein is known as a marker of tumors or cancer cells because when it is greatly concentrated cancer tends to be present. Ovarian cancer cells tend to have a large concentration of CA125 and therefore is used to screen for cancer in women that have a family history or other risk factors that make them high risk for ovarian cancer.

However, the researchers now use a different algorithm referred to as ROCA that is accurate at detecting the presence of ovarian cancer in over 80% of the women that are tested. This is higher than the previous accuracy rate of 41%. In the past there was a cut-off level set in stone to determine if something was off, but given the fact that risk factors are different the new algorithm can be adjusted to meet personal patients.