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Avoid these Cold Medicines if you have Prostate Problems

February 10th, 2015


Enlarged prostate, also known as benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) cause men to have difficulty in urinating. Combine certain cold medications with an enlarged prostate and ‘going’ can become impossible.
Certain cold, flu and allergy medicines contain decongestants and antihistamines. Both ingredients work to relieve cold and flu symptoms, but they aggravate the enlarged prostate issue. Dr. Gregory T. Bales, a urologist at the University of Chicago Medical Center, says these two ingredients in common cold and flu medications restrict urine flow and cause the body to retain urine when taken by a man who has prostate problems.
Men who have an enlarged prostate often have to urinate every hour around the clock. Taking cold and flu medications that contain either or both an antihistamine and decongestant can slow the flow down to a trickle or dry it up altogether. Men who find themselves in this position often don’t seek medical attention because they assume the issue will work itself out.
Dangerous thinking and a dangerous position to be in.
If you have prostate problems and take a prescribed or over-the-counter cold or flu medicine then fail to urinate within a six hour time frame, it’s time to go to the emergency room as Lambraho discovered recently. A catheter will be put in place to drain the urine, relieve the pain and protect bladder health.

Improve Your Posture With North American Spine’s Infograph

January 23rd, 2015

PR Newswire reports that North American Spine has put together an infograph, that was released with the intent to inform many people about poor posture. Many people do not realize that poor posture, may be the cause of some of the pain they feel in their everyday lives. Insomnia, certain headaches, neck pain, as well as back pain, can be caused by having poor posture. Many do not think about their posture, unless it’s mentioned to them. Knowing that posture may be causing you pain, may make you think twice about it. The infograph released, teaches how to improve posture.

Not only can one improve their posture, by using the infograph release by North American Spine, they can also learn the signs of having poor posture, and learn if pains they have, are caused by poor posture. The information in the infograph is invaluable, especially to those who are already suffering from pain on a regular basis. North American Spine is based in Dallas, Texas, but they have several facilities in other areas. Their facilities cater to those who have neck and back pain, especially if they need a surgical procedure to minimize the pain.

Over 8000 patients have gone to North American Spine for treatment, and the success rate is extremely high. The treatment of neck and back pain at North American Spine, consists of using the AccuraScope procedure. The procedure is 45 minutes, and the patient may see immediate pain relief. The healing process after the procedure, is very short, and the person may end up with permanent pain relief. North American Spine is currently celebrating its sixth year in helping patients to be pain free. Use of the AccuraScope procedure on patients at North American Spine, has proved to be extremely successful for both the patients and the surgeons.

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