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A Recent Interview Michael Jackson Impersonator Sergio Cortes

January 21st, 2016
R7 recently published an interview with Sergio Cortes. Brazilian citizens may believe that R7 was talking to the health minister, but this Sergio Cortes is the greatest Michael Jackson impersonator in the world. Sergio is an excellent entertainer who has altered his likeness to look like Michael Jackson, and he gives performances around South America as Michael. This article explains how Sergio has prepared himself to be the greatest impersonator on Earth.

#1: Michael Jackson’s Personality Comes Through

The interview with R7 notes that the persona and the dress are very similar. One must get quite close to Sergio before realizing that Michael Jackson has not come back to life, and his performances help people get the idea that Michael Jackson is present. Anyone who sees him from afar will do a double-take, and the performance will sound very much like Michael.

#2: Sergio Has A Trained Voice

An impersonator must train their voice more than anything else to complete their act. Sergio has worked quite hard on his voice to ensure that he sounds as much like Michael as possible. His singing voice is very close to Michael’s, and he has no problem hitting the high notes that are featured in many of Michael’s songs. The live performances do great justice and respect to Michael Jackson’s music.

#3: Sergio Finds It A Privilege

Sergio does impersonate Michael Jackson as his career, but he says that it is his privilege to look and sound like Michael Jackson. To be touched with a talent that makes him look and sound Michael Jackson is his lifelong dream. Sergio was told by his parents that he looked like Michael from an early age, and he has taken that persona quite seriously ever since. Sergio is 43 years old, and he plans to maintain this privilege for as long as possible.

Sergio Cortes is the best impersonator in the world, and his chosen person is Michael Jackson. He is uniquely blessed to do such work, and he has ensured that he gives performances that make his guests feel like are in the presence of the world’s greatest entertainer. The songs sound amazing, and the dancing looks just like the videos that Michael made during his career. Sergio provides an amazing opportunity for concert attendees to see and hear a performance of Michael Jackson just one more time.

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