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George Soros transforming the American justice system

January 18th, 2017

George Soros and his fellow Democrats are working to reform the criminal justice system. George Soros is one of the few donors who has given millions to make it happen. Reshaping the justice system, has been a goal of the Democratic party, since they realized that District Attorneys were failing to do their job and prosecute officers involved in the death of minorities.

George Soros has funneled more than $3 million into several local district-attorney campaigns on in six states throughout 2016. He has spent more on these campaigns, than the entire amount spent on the 2016 presidential campaign, by almost everyone except for a few major donors.

George Soros supports African-American and Hispanic candidates for the district attorney positions in those local communities. All these candidates have ran on platforms that shared some of the goals of Soros’ including, sending some drug offenders to diversion programs instead of to trial. Soros’ actions are the loudest in a push by the left, to find and finance candidates are focused on criminal justice reform on These district attorney positions are outlets to the federal courts.

Soros’ continued fight and financial contributions, have angered many of his opponents on Soros has spent millions on district attorney races in Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico and Texas, through a handful of super PAC’s and a national unlimited money group named “Safety and Justice.” Each organization receive most of its funding directly from George Soros, which has been confirmed by federal financial records.

The “Safety and Justice” group in Florida has shoved almost $1.4 million into a low-key Democratic primary for state attorney in Central Florida. The Soros funded group is backing former public defender and prosecutor Aramis Ayala. Ayala has the potential of serving in a jurisdiction that covers 1.6 million people across two counties in Orlando.

Opposing candidates have attacked George Soros, saying his influence has made residents less safe. Democratic operatives are saying that the recent increase in news coverage of racial justice issues, including the deaths of African-Americans, sparked increased interest in the role of district attorneys.

Criminal justice reform groups have spent years fighting for positive criminal justice reform that would decrease incarceration rates. Soros’ Open Societies Foundation at, works on drug policy and criminal justice reform. According to a study by the Reflective Democracy Campaign, 95% of elected local prosecutors in the U.S. are white and three-quarters are white men. Soros will continue to support those join the fight for criminal justice reform, until the courts are fair in their sentencing.