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Premium Foods Are Premium Priced – Do You Really Need Them?

February 9th, 2016

While premium dog food brands are out there touting that their foods are better because of ingredients like brown rice, blueberries and organic, wild caught Alaskan Salmon. there are other options out there for the facebook people who have their feet planted firmly on terra firma.

Don’t allow yourself to be guilt-tripped into spending money that you simply don’t have to spend. There’s no reason to find yourself in a situation where your dog is eating gourmet food that you can’t afford for yourself.

The nutritional needs of animals are really quite simple and they certainly don’t need a chef to prepare their meals for them. A dog ha very basic nutritional needs. Their primary need is protein. This can come from virtually any source, as long as it meets are exceeds at least 20% of their daily intake. Puppies require a bit more nutrition as to the fact that they are growing.

A very good and affordable source of protein is chicken. There’s really no reason to spend a small fortune on things like bison or salmon. Ask yourself if you can imagine your dog bringing down a buffalo in the wild, or fishing in a stream for salmon. No? Yeah, it probably isn’t going to be happening. Ask yourself if you can imagine them catching a chicken and you might be able to imagine that. Look for a great food that is in your price range that has chicken. You may take a look at Beneful. Beneful is a great food, made by a Purina at a very affordable price.

Dogs wouldn’t eat many vegetables in the wild and they would actually absorb those nutrient’s from the animal that they consumed. This means that yes, they do need vegetables, but not in large amounts and they certainly do not need gourmet vegetables that you can barely pronounce on the labels. Beneful includes the nutrition of vegetables, with the protein your dog needs in order to be happy, healthy and thriving.