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March 11th, 2016

The real estate industry in New York has been receiving many good ratings recently, and this has driven many able companies to think of investing in this region. Several big companies that have not been much interested in making investments here are now seen trying to earn a place in this city. Many of the investing companies are more interested in Manhattan and Brooklyn. The brokerage companies are to be uplifted by these growing interests in New York real estate investment. These brokerage companies are to have better networks and use them perfectly to be able to do business in the current situation. All the companies who have been practicing real estate marketing in the state and grown tremendously. Most of these companies have a big number of agents which ranges from 500 to 1000.

Town Residential is one the companies that have been able to realize a significant growth despite having been in the industry for a very small amount of time. Town Residential was founded in 2010 by Heiberger who is the founder of another ten-year-old company called Citi Habitats. Herberger’s companies are all big names in the New York real estate. Town Residential, for instance, has achieved the quick growth because of its strong client base which is found on the cash buyers. Cash buyers are the names usually given to the retirees who usually buy the properties they need in cash. Hovered, predictions have been made which show that cash buyers are going to move from the suburbs and want to buy properties which are found near the city.

Town Residential has always been keen to grab the opportunities that come from such a strong client base. Being a brokerage company in the real estate sector, selling using a strong network created by the company itself is a necessary strategy. Many other recently founded companies have benefitted from the New York real estate sector. The new investors are being attracted by the growth of these companies which has been associated with the high prices and rates which mean high commissions. Non-commission selling is the company’s secret.