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Slyce Offers Spectacular New Apps For Visual Search Shopping

March 1st, 2016

Interesting News About Online Shopping

It’s interesting how many young people use online shopping to buy all of their clothes, shoes, makeup and other products. Younger generations enjoy the fact that it is convenient to do their shopping on their phone, and older generations enjoy this activity if they can operate their phones correctly. It’s becoming increasingly easier to use the applications on our smart phones, so older generations are joining the online shopping craze more and more as this technology gets easier to use. The applications that many shoppers are using today to look for new products are visual search tools.

If you haven’t heard of visual search tools, let me tell you that it is the most advanced and sophisticated method for finding virtually anything you want to buy online. There is nothing easier than taking a picture of something in order to search for it in an online store. The old way of searching for something by typing in a bunch of keywords is a way of the past that is left behind with dial up internet. Nobody has the time to type all that stuff anymore. According to this article I found from Live Mint, visual search companies are growing, and new visual search companies are popping up every day all over the planet.

The World’s Best Visual Search Application

After using several different image recognition apps, I have a favorite one that I prefer above the others: Slyce. Some of the other applications out there are awful. Slyce gives an accurate search every time I use their platform to look for something I want to purchase. I have taken pictures of objects in my environment. I took a picture of a friend’s hat the other day, and it is already being shipped to me. I have also used the app to take pictures of advertisements in magazines.

The apps that Slyce has to offer are really spectacular. My wife uses their app called Snip Snap. This app is a wonderful way to organize coupons. She doesn’t have to clip them out and carry them in her purse any longer. Slyce is always coming up with new ways to make our lives easier, and they are saving us money by offering us new promotions from the companies that we usually shop from online.