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The Best Ski Resorts that California Has to Offer

July 23rd, 2016

Are you looking forward to planning your next ski adventure? Has the summer sun got you dreaming of snow laden slopes and cold air? Many people instantly think of water activities when they hear the words “Lake Tahoe” but this resort location has much more to offer. As home to some of the best California ski resorts, Lake Tahoe skiing at draws in crowds year after year to hit the slopes and get some skiing in. If you are planning a trip to Lake Tahoe soon, you will want to be sure and give these ski resorts some consideration before booking your trip.

Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows
Some may remember Squaw Valley as the hosting resort to the 1960s Olympics and Alpine Meadows as the neighboring ski resort. The Olympics don’t pick just anywhere to set up their competitions at, and they chose Squaw Valley for a reason. Home to some outstanding snow and a great location for family, this is one area you will want to hit the slopes at.

If you’re thinking of heading up to Alpine Meadows, don’t leave without getting in some backcountry skiing, tubing, sledding, and shopping. Wrap up your day with a delicious steak dinner at a local restaurant before you head back to your hotel or cabin, and really get the most out of your Lake Tahoe vacation.

With more than three thousand acres to ski, Northstar is a destination resort and one of the best California ski resorts out there. Come enjoy some fresh powder while you cruise down the slopes and grab a bite to eat or a warm drink between runs. Northstar is sure to make your Lake Tahoe vacation one of the most memorable vacations you will take this year.

This resort gets a jaw-dropping 480 inches of snowfall each year, so it definitely is one of the best resorts to visit when you are heading out to South Tahoe. As a top ten resort in the nation, you won’t feel like you missed out when you book your stay over at Sierra.

Which resort are you planning to head to? With so many great California ski resorts, and Lake Tahoe home to so many of them, no matter which you choose you are sure to get a wonderful vacation. Whether you choose Sierra, Squaw Valley, Alpine Meadows, Northstar, or any other Lake Tahoe resorts, you will be booking a vacation you will remember for years to come.

Andy Wirth Shares His Thoughts About Olympic Valley Incorporation

March 1st, 2016

The Reno Gazette-Journal recently ran with a story about Andy Wirth and his fight against incorporation in California’s Olympic Valley. The article explains how Andy wants to save the Olympic Valley from economic tensions, and he is diametrically-opposed to those who want to overhaul the government in this beautiful region of the country. A change in government may not be necessary in the Olympic Valley, and Andy has a solution for the problems that face his home.

#1: Andy Is Opposed To Changing The Very Fabric Of The Community

Andy is opposed to changing the way that the community runs because of a need for bigger government, and his fear is that a larger government will begin charging taxes to people who cannot afford them. Andy is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski, and his businesses will pay more in taxes every year to a unified government council. The people who live in the area will be forced to pay higher property taxes, and some citizens could be pushed out of the community.

#2: Andy Fears For Economic Development

Andy fears a lack of economic development if the new government is allowed to collect further taxes on every business. There are many small businesses in area that would be put out of operation with increases in taxes, and Andy wants to see a new solution that reduces taxes and increases services in the community. The weather and tourism troubles in the area require a new solution that does not involve tax hikes.

#3: Weather Troubles Impact The Tourism Industry

Poor weather over the past years has caused trouble for the tourism industry in the Olympic Valley, and Andy believes that the community must come together to solve their environmental problems. Andy is concerned that a lack of snow could cause more harm at every lodge in the area, and he does not want to see higher taxes make people feel even more burden than they do at the moment. Andy manages ski lodges that rely on tourists, and he believes that a compromise will bring more tourists to the area.

Andy Wirth’s opposition to incorporation in the Olympic Valley of California reflects his desire to save the community from a terrible transition. He admits that many years of bad weather have caused economic hardship, but he is afraid of a large government that will need taxes from the people to operate. Andy is in favor of a business plan that makes the Squaw Valley look attractive again, and he prefers to stop the battle over incorporation. Andy believes that more progress will occur when he and other business leaders come together to save the Olympic Valley and home of the 1960 Olympics.