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Antidepressant Medication Does Not Cause Homocidal Behavior

June 1st, 2015

Though there are many instances in which psychiatric drugs have been attributed to violent or erratic behavior, in individuals diagnosed with mental illness, there has been little scientific data or research to substantiate the connection. A recently published study, lead by Dr. Jari Tiihonen, a professor of psychiatry at the Karolinsksa Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden, contends that individuals who were prescribed specific medications, were deemed at having a higher probability of killing another individual, in comparison to individuals that were not prescribed these specific medications. Daniel Amen says the prescriptions cited for an elevated risk of deadly behavior includes benzodiazepines, which are tranquilizers that are prescribed for individuals afflicted with sleep disorders and high anxiety as well as pain relief medications, such as anti-inflammatory.

The study, published in the journal World Psychiatry, indicated that research scientists took into account the mental prognosis of an individual, and discovered the that individuals prescribed anti-depressants, had a negligible increase in the potential for committing a homicide, in comparison to other individuals, in the study, that were prescribed other medications.

It was widely believed that antidepressants were associated with criminal activity, including crimes of worldwide notoriety, such as the Jokela school massacre in Tuusula, Finland and the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

Queried further about the findings connotation, Tiihonen remarked that individuals have no need to concerned about the potential for violent behavior if they are taking antidepressant medication.