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New Patient Care Process Developed by Dr. Rohrich Reduces Occurence of Hematomas

May 14th, 2015

Dr. Rod Rohrich, a distinguished professor of plastic surgery at the University of Texas Medical Center and a leading member of the plastic surgeon community, has just published a retrospective study examining the occurrence of hematomas in facelifting patients. The main focus of the study was to assess the effectiveness of a special regimen Dr. Rohrich has developed which attempts to reduce hypertension and as a result reduce the occurrence of hematomas.

The study looked at the medical records of 1,089 patients who underwent facelifts under Dr. Rohrich’s care and compared the hematoma rate with that found in the established medical literature. It was found that Dr. Rohrich’s process, which is a combination of general anesthesia and hypertension limiting medications, leads to dramatically fewer hematomas than normal facelifting care. Dr. Rohrich’s patients were found to have an occurrence rate of 0.9%, the lowest rate ever recorded and substantially lower than the 2-8% occurrence for women and 13% occurrence for men.

This process is just another innovation of Dr. Rohrich, who is well known as an advocate for patient safety and comfort. When discussing the process, he explained that high blood pressure is a well known cause of hematomas and that his protocol was designed specifically to combat it. With the publication of this paper, plastic surgery patients across the country have gotten a little bit safer.