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November 11th, 2015

Coriant has a new captain. Mr Shaygan Kheradpir has taken over the reins of the company from the vice president. The business executive takes over the largest backbone networking company that is bridging the digital divide by using high-performance 100G backbone networks. It’s powering a new generation of internet services. The dramatic growth in cloud computing is accelerating the growth of the internet of things. Coriant has some innovations including M-Tera to meet the demand of today’s networks and a future proof system. It is a trusted tier 1 large bandwidth provider that provides metro to core services anywhere anytime. Marlin Equity privately owns it. It has 3500+ employees worldwide and has in-house manufacturing research and development centres in the USA, Europe and Asia. It has 35 years of experience in networking and holds over 1800 patents. It has over 500 customers in 6 continents. It provides hardware and software for backbone networks. It prides itself on its ability to provide end to end future-proof transport networks and serves 90% of the top Internet service providers. It seeks to reassert its dominance in this new era. With Mr Kheradpir driving, it seems set. Coriant is a rather new company with an old history. It was formed by a merger of Sycamore, Telapse and Nokia Siemens. The hiring of Mr Kheradpir is a step in the new strategy the company has adopted. It has been positioning itself as the innovative market leader. Coriant recently put 57 TB/s in an optic fibre, a feat that earned them a google book of records slot. They are also the best in optical packet signals. Coriant is unique in that it’s all over the world. It serves 45 of the 50 top providers. They serve nearly all the leading vendors in the world. Mr Kheradpir is a London-born Electrical engineering. He was born 54 years ago. He grew up in Iran and went back to Europe for his high school. After high school, he crossed the Atlantic and joined Cornel University. Here he studied his degree, masters and Ph.D. After Cornel, he started his Career with GTE. After the merger with Bell in 2000, he joined Verizon as the president of the e-commerce division. He later became the Chief Technologist officer for the big institution. He has also worked for Barclays and at Juniper Networks. Over the years, Mr Kheradbpir has earned a reputation for hard work, dedication and timely delivery. He has worked on innovative programs like FIOS, PINGIT and IOBI.He is known for his client driven approach that seeks to transform the status quo.It can be seen with products like Verizon one and restructuring programs he led as president in Verizon. His passion for technology and business has cut him as an extremely efficient operator. His joining of Coriant comes at a crucial time. The company has the resources and ability to assert its dominance and brand appropriately. He is a leader who isn’t afraid of momentous decisions. The world can only watch and learn.