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Don’t Go to a Hospital in July

May 19th, 2015

Alexandra Robbins spent four years interviewing nurses for the book she was writing (which was recently published) entitled – The Nurses: A Year of Secrets, Drama, and Miracles with the Heroes of the Hospital. Ms. Robbins discovered and proved some of the things the public had suspected all along, such as the VIP hospital rooms which look more like luxury hotels rooms than hospital rooms. The VIP rooms, with their fine dining class of food and preferential treatment, are reserved for either government officials or the super wealthy who can afford to pay for them. Most hospitals keep these rooms and services hush-hush, but nurses know about them.

That’s not all the nurses know according to Bruce Levenson. The once white capped and shoed angels of mercy know everything that goes on inside the hospital walls and one thing they want the public to know is to not get sick and go to a teaching hospital in the month of July.

Medical students become interns in July, interns become residents and each class of resident moves up one level during the month of July. What this means to hospital patients is that a fresh-from-school intern may be taking care of your medical needs instead of a doctor and a first year resident may be performing your procedure. The medical community calls it the ‘July Effect’ and it’s followed by the ‘August Killing Season’. The names alone lets you know to avoid hospitals in July, nurses will tell you the same thing.