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Hippeas Bringing Tasty But Healthy Snacks To A Shop Near You

December 13th, 2016

Livio Bisterzo Launches HippeasIf you haven’t heard of Hippeas yet, expect that to change very quickly. This health food company, led by CEO Livio Bisterzo is relatively new, but the firm is already getting a rather large footprint in its industry.

Hippeas ( announced this fall it was launching a line of Chickpea Puffs that are not only healthy and tasty, but is also going to be working to give back to the less fortunate. In September, the company announced its new line of Chickpea puffs is partnering with Farm Africa, an organization that is working to end hunger and bring wealth to Eastern Africa.

Hippeas says that for each pack of these snacks sold, they will be donating a portion of those sales to Farm Africa. As far as the actual food goes, the firm is offering a number of different flavors that consumers can try out, such as Far Out Fajita, Pepper Power and others.

The firm has clearly gotten the attention from the American marketplace already, considering it recently signed a deal to be featured as one of the “grab and go” snacks that are at the checkout counter at Starbucks’ restaurants. It appears all of this is quite the success story for Livio Bisterzo, who first founded Green Park Holdings in 2015.

While the CEO considers himself an entrepreneur for his entire life, it is Green Park Holdings that allowed him to bring Hippeas to life. He has made it clear over the course of his storied career that he considers it equally important to make sure that the company isn’t just looking to make a buck.

Bisterzo has made it clear he wants to be a CEO that is looking out for other people, both through healthy snacks that aren’t going to cause the kind of problems we see from Snickers and potato chips and through being able to donate money to good causes that might otherwise fall through the cracks.

Bisterzo is working hard to make sure his company is leaving a footprint on the American public that is always a positive one. He wants his company’s products to leave that positive taste as well.

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A Study Suggests GlaxoSmithKline’s Flu Vaccine Linked to Narcolepsy

July 3rd, 2015

Across the globe, health care providers encourage people at greatest risk for the flu to get the vaccine prior to peak season. Flu season varies from region to region, but it’s generally the time period in which is peak for outbreaks, the winter months. The results of an International study revealed that in calendar year 2009, the swine flu vaccine was linked to higher rates of the chronic sleep disorder, narcolepsy. There is no known cure for narcolepsy.

Perhaps a relief to Americans, the vaccine in the study, Pandemrix, was never used in the states reports Lime Crime. Yesterday, the team of International Researchers presented scientific evidence that the vaccine triggered an abnormal immune system response. Pandemrix contained a protein, which caused the vaccine to respond as if it encountered a sick person with an infection. Then it latched onto the narcolepsy receptors in the brain and structurally damaged the cells, permanently interrupting the sleep cycle of the patients.

In the study, which was published in the journal, Science Translational Medicine, people who received other European flu vaccines were not affected. Only the group of people, who were given the GlaxoSmithKline’s Pandemrix vaccine, has been diagnosed with this incurable sleep disorder.

Genetic predisposition was ruled out and “Dr. Lawrence Steinman of Stanford University and colleagues found that the H1N1 virus contains a protein that is structurally similar to part of a brain cell receptor for that wakefulness chemical.”

Stricter Homeopathy Regulations Considered

April 21st, 2015

There seems to be a split down the middle when it comes to homeopathic remedies and how effective they may be. Many people swear by them and choose to not use conventional medical treatments while other people think homeopathy is too unrestricted and ineffective. While many people have experienced great relief from physical and mental ailments with the help of homeopathic remedies, the more traditional world doesn’t understand the lack of regulation.

Back in 1988 the FDA decided they were not going to put homeopathic remedies under the drug approval process that standard treatments were going through. That is why if you pick up a box or bottle of something homeopathic, you will see a disclaimer that says that product has not been approved by the FDA and it has not been confirmed to be effective. Most medications must be prescribed by a practicing doctor so why not for homeopathic options? Susan Mcgalla wonders as well. (Check out more on Susan McGalla at her personal website.) The FDA has decided to revisit this decision, what with the current rise in homeopathic remedy use.

The question really is what part of the homeopathic world is going to be governed? The point of these treatments is that they are made of natural ingredients. So perhaps the production and quality of the herbs will be regulated? If the believed effectiveness of the products are tested, this might cause issues within the natural and holistic world. What works for one person might not work for another and it would be devastating to many people to see certain homeopathic treatments taken off the shelves.

The Real Risk of Taking an Unnecessary Antibiotic

December 17th, 2014

A study was done that addresses how patients in an urban medical center feel about taking antibiotics even when they know they have a viral infection and an antibiotic will not help in any way with their illness. The overwhelming consensus was the belief that an antibiotic couldn’t hurt, so why not take it anyway. This is a dangerous misconception. For one, it affects all of us, even Dan Newlin. The overuse of antibiotics on a scale as huge as the population of just the USA leads to resistant bacteria. Resistant bacteria can lead to epidemics with no cure, at least for a while. Bacteria mutate at a phenomenal rate due to their quick multiplication. A video to see this in action is It is a time lapse video of two E. Coli, a common bacteria, multiplying to become a colony of hundreds in three hours. By continually killing all bacteria, you are setting the scene for a dangerously resistant strain to form. Besides possibly leading to an epic pandemic, there are consequences to the individual taking an unnecessary antibiotic. There are some dangerous side effects to antibiotics, such as allergic reactions and worse. Taking them needlessly is only raising your chances of suffering one.

No More Love Handles

December 16th, 2014

There seems to be 1,000,000 reasons as to why we just can seem to lose hte weight and keep it off; may be it was the beer, may be it was the holidays. Regardless of the cause, most people want to be slim and trim since maintaining a healthy weight is most beneficial and reduces the risk of significant health problems. So look no further for the specific wways to get slim and stay slim. To begin with, people who are successful at losing weight keep a record of what they eat and how much, size is important.

Additionally, people who are successful like Kenneth Griffin, know their strengths and weaknesses and approach each of them wisely. Another winning tactic of these steadfast troppers is that they do not have unrealistic expectations.