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Don’t Clean Grill with Wire Brush – Doctor’s Warning

May 28th, 2015

The traditional way to clean the backyard BBQ grill has always been with a wire brush. The wire bristles easily removed all the cooked on food debris from the metal rack and got it clean as a whistle for the next grilling session.
The wire brush also has the potential of leaving behind tiny pieces of wire on the grill rack.
Doctors treat hundreds of patients each year who have inadvertently swallowed a foreign object, including pieces of wire from grill brushes. The treatment involves surgical removal of the wire, but only after the person experiences excruciating internal pain caused from the tiny piece of metal. The majority of the time the surgical removal of the wire will leave the patient with no lasting damage, but that all depends on where the piece of wire lodges.
It seems impossible that a person could eat food with a piece of wire in it and never know it, but it happens often during the height of summer grilling months. When a hair-thin piece of metal wire is lying on the grill rack and a raw hamburger patty is laid on top of it, the wire is almost impossible to see after the burger is cooked. If the wire is in the burger at just the right angle, it won’t be felt in the mouth when the burger is being eaten either.
Sam Tabar recommends you use a piece of tin foil which has been wadded up to safely scrub a grill rack.