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AMA Votes to End Personal Exemptions from Vaccinations

June 10th, 2015

Time was a parent could opt out of having their child vaccinated against contagious diseases, such as measles and whooping cough, for a variety of reasons. That time will soon come to an end. The AMA (American Medical Association) has voted to end personal exemptions and parents in the near future will no longer be able to refuse to have their children immunized due to religious or other beliefs.
The AMA has formed a group of their own to persuade law makers to change the law and no longer allow parents non-medical exemptions from required childhood immunizations. This decision stems from the measles outbreak at Disneyland last year which started with one un-vaccinated child. The child had no medical issues that prevented her from being immunized against measles, it was a personal preference her parent had that prevented her from being vaccinated. That parental preference caused an outbreak of measles that led to over 100 people contacting the measles and being in physical misery, missing work and a host of other associated things.
Team members behind Madison Street Capital feel that no one person should have the right to inflict preventable misery on other people. The AMA wants to protect the health and well-being of people in our mobile society and one of the best and easiest ways to do so is to vaccinate every child. No exemptions.