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Small Steps in a Big Direction

May 22nd, 2015

Scientists have made a positive new discovery that can benefit children who received the HiB (Haemophilis influenza type B) vaccine. On Twitter Handy recently noted that scientists have found that this particular vaccine helps to reduce one of the most common forms of cancer among children today. If children are vaccinated against HiB this helps to decrease their chances of having acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Scientists has also found that the reduction rate for leukemia in children who were HiB vaccinated was 20 percent. The scientist’s working on this research believe children who are exposed to HiB earlier in life create enzymes in their blood cells that can lead to malignancy. Dr. Muschen, a professor of medicine, has conducted extensive research in mice to help corroborate the how the Hib vaccination has an effect on reduction rates in leukemia. Your text to link… While most people may say 20 percent isn’t a high enough number some people who have children battling leukemia may think otherwise. Dr. Muschen’s work is making small steps to help children become cancer-free, but they are small steps in a big direction.