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Zika Impacting Venezuela

May 25th, 2016

Brazil has been all over the news when it comes to the Zika virus, but the virus has claimed three lives in Venezuela. As reported by Corporation Wiki the three deaths are the first in the country and were a result from complications of the Zika virus.
With the three deaths the country faces a possible epidemic as there have been a total confirmed 318 cases, and upwards of potentially 5,000 more cases of the virus.

The country is currently experiencing drought like conditions along with financial crisis causing many of Venezuela’s population to hoard water which can create breeding grounds for mosquitoes, the carrier for the Zika virus.

Government workers like Ms. Norka are canvassing the country wearing protective gear and spraying for mosquitoes attempting to reduce the risk of the spread of Zika. Added to that, health officials are reporting a shortage in pharmaceuticals to help fight the virus. Venezuela is facing serious potential health crisis in the wake of the three deaths.

Another problem health officials are struggling with is containment. Already reports of Venezuelans leaving the country with the virus or visitors leaving with the virus have been reported. If the virus continues to spread to other countries the rise in virus cases will exponentially rise.