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Eleven Securus Technologies Field Service Specialists Achieve Prestigious BICSI Installer1 Certification

October 24th, 2016

At Securus Technologies, we always prioritize on offering quality services which include investing in efficient products, services, features as well as a staff team who possess innovative high-tech competences. Recently in the month of September 2016, from our team of field specialists, eleven of them got their internationally recognition certification.

 Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI), stands as a professional association that supports ICT industry. BICSI members are credited to handle a spectrum of voice, electronic security and safety, data, management of audio and video projects. BICSI serves over 23,000 ICT experts via training, publications, conferences as well as credentials in many countries. They usually design, connect and maintain ICT projects such as optical fiber distribution, pathways, wireless systems and other ICT infrastructures.

So as to ensure improved performance and reliability for our corrections clients, we uphold quality training of staff team and consultancy on information and communication technology (ICT). Due to BICSI’s vast experience, we rely on their services to meet our training needs as well as for the day to day growing needs and standards in technology. Our team of specialists that received the certification has been working with us for an average of fifteen years. With the certification, we believe that it brings great value to the most qualified service firm in the industry. The certification as well comes with a guaranteed high-level expertise in service delivery.

Securus Technologies located in Dallas, Texas, is an American company providing civil as well as criminal justice technology solutions. We are concerned about the public safety, law corrections and enforcement. We ensure people’s connection through services such as, incidents management, emergency response provision, investigation, inmate self-service, bio-metric analysis, providing information and monitoring products and services. We focus on connecting what matters and information flow at all times to ensure a safer world.

Technology, Automation, Safety, and Profitability Securus Technology Center’s Focus on Success in Corrections for 2016

April 11th, 2016

In Dallas, Texas March 31, 2016 Securus Technologies Inc. in conjunction with criminal justice and
correctional facilities, acknowledge that current technology is out of date. Over half of correctional
facilities are planning to update their current technology. Almost as many are looking to increase the
size of their facility. About 15% are seeking to cut costs as their focus on success in 2016. I’m sure that
some if not most of the administrators are looking at more than one of these solutions. Richard A Smith
CEO of Securus Technologies stated “with budgets under constant pressure Correctional leaders are
focused on improving the productivity safety and success of their facility.” He went on to say “that
Research indicates there are big opportunities for agencies to automate operations thereby freeing up
operating cash flow and improving inmate phone calls by collaborating with a company like Securus.”
The majority of correctional facilities know they need to bring their systems up to date. Facilities are
also aware that things like tablets and video visitation can be a contributing factor in inmate satisfaction,
which can aid in the overall safety and security of the facility. They also understand the need for the
ultimate security measures to be utilized in these systems. You can download the Securus video app on Google Play or find it on iTunes.

Securus is recommitting to help provide the solutions criminal justice and correctional facilities will
encounter by investing $1.5 million in their Technology Center. Coming in at 10,500 square feet in the
Carrollton, TX area it contains some of the top of the line, latest and greatest tech solutions for civil and
criminal justice requirements. This facility gives administrators of various types of facilities the
opportunity to see the abilities of Securus Technology in action. Securus Technologies is headquartered
in Dallas, TX. Currently they are in the assistance of 3450 corrections and law enforcement agencies.
Their technology is used in conjunction with over 1.2 million inmates. Some of the services ​Securus
Technologies is providing incident response reporting, public information gathering,
investigation assistance, biometric analysis, inmate communication portals, information
management, inmate self-service kiosks, and various monitoring products.

Securus Technologies is not in any way affiliated with the health product on Amazon called Securus which is used for anxiety and pain relief nor is it a part of the Securus America website for agents.