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Doctor Cost Girl Her Life

June 17th, 2015

When a teenager realizes that their body is acting in a way that is unusual for it and that teenager wants help he or she will go online and research what is going on. When that teenager finds a diagnosis that sounds right that teenager will take the information to their doctor and get the help that he or she needs. Or, at least, that is their hope. Susan McGalla says that when someone finds information that seems to fit with what they are facing with their body they hope to have a doctor who will support them and help them get the help that they need. One teen, though, lost her life because her doctor didn’t believe the information that she had found.

A teen girl researched the symptoms that she was facing and figured out a diagnosis for herself only to have her doctor ignore what was found. That teen lost her life because her doctor didn’t listen to her. If the doctor had chosen to look into the information that the teen had found he would have been able to treat her and help her get cured. Instead, the doctor allowed a young girl to die much too soon.