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Wikipedia Writing Service That Makes Business Page Creation a Breeze

February 19th, 2016

Wikipedia is a household name that receives millions of views on a regular basis. It’s so popular, that this online collaborative encyclopedia can even improve search ranking by google for a business or person. Having a Wikipedia page can help brand, re-brand and define a business or person’s image in the public eye. It is of little wonder that there is so much interest in creating a Wikipedia page that promotes reputation and a business’ credibility. As great as it sounds on paper to have a Wikipedia page, the process of developing and maintaining a Wikipedia page can be a formidable task. This is why many people chose to have a professional service create and manage their pages for them such as When you’re considering making a Wikipedia page there are a few points to ponder.

Advantages of building a Wikipedia page

Great opportunity to improve or establish credibility

Gain the right kind of reputation

Improve search engine ranking

Challenges to building a Wikipedia page

Time consuming

Technically challenging for some

Must be maintained and updated

How to make building a Wikipedia page a success

1. Follow Wikipedia’s guidelines for style and content

2. Translate Wikipedia to other languages for broader reach

3. Maintain your Wikipedia page by keeping it updated and monitored

3. Hire a company who can do 1,2 and 3 for you.

Guidelines for posting a Wikipedia page are stringent. If it seems that a page is self-promotional or biased it can be flagged or worse removed. In addition, the process’ of registering, formatting, and following Wikipedia’s manual of style is demanding. For example, all references that appear on a Wikipedia page must be appropriately cited from credible sources. People with inadequate technical expertise, or who don’t have time to maintain a page on their own often refrain from building a page altogether, or find a respected business to do it for them. This is why hiring Wiki writers who are professionally trained and experienced can be the best practice.

Wikipedia requires a lot of its page creators, but as an open-source community it’s easy to edit a page by just about anyone. Though most edits are well meaning, on occasion a user may make an edit that is derogatory or ill advised. For this reason and others maintaining the Wikipedia page is almost as important as posting it in the first place. This is one more reason that hiring a professional service that specializes in Wikipedia pages is a sound plan. Another advantage to a professional service such as Get Your Wiki is that they can also provide translations for your page making it possible for your page to reach even more people.

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