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UK Vintners Makes Wine A Solid Asset

February 9th, 2017

For a long time, Wine has been regarded as a fixed asset to hold by those with disposable income. The use of wine as a substitute form of currency can be traced back in human history. The wine business is lucrative. However, people avoid it due to the complexities involved in wine production and storage.UK vintners solve these problems.

Founded in 2015, UK Vintners specialize in the acquisition and sale of bonded fine wine for their private and trade customers. The company has a small circle of consultants with vast knowledge about wine and Champaign market that offer advice to merchants and clients. The founders of the UKV were aware of the exciting and rewarding wine market; they also knew the challenges associated with it. They came up with the ingenious platform that enabled wine and champagne trade to happen.

UK vintners facilitate the concept of wine collection for financial gain. Investment in grade wine is performing well especially due to unprecedented demand from new markets. More and more people realize that investing in grade wine is similar to owning property. A customer will invest in a bottle of wine and bet on the potential increase in the wine’s value. UKV offers advice to clients to ensure they make investments that fit their objectives, requirements and budget. The company offers some of the most preferred labels from leading vineyards in Europe. Exceptional consultants at UKV frequently contact clients to inform them of market situation and trends. The company ensures clients receive quality services and are handled with professionalism.

What is the process involved? Once the client calls and says they want to build a fine wine collection, they are assigned an experienced consultant who will ensure the customer secures the best wine available that suits his objectives and budget. The clients are assured of complete control and ownership. The Wine is stored securely on the client’s personal account within a leading Government regulated independently bonded warehouse with a controlled environment that ensures that the wine is kept in prime condition. To know their wine value, clients can request a free valuation at any time. UK Vintners has revolutionized the wine and Champagne business and has provided new ventures where investors can make money.