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The Recruiter Who Hires Talent, Julie Zuckerberg

February 1st, 2017

Julie Zuckerberg got her Philosophy degree at the University of New York. She learned how to use her knowledge to connect with asset managers, business leaders, and global technology experts. Since 2014, Julie Zuckerberg has worked for Deutsche Bank and has brought a new wave of change on the bank’s employees. She hires candidates with different talents and also gives hiring advice to the recruiters. Julie Zuckerberg is also behind the development of new recruitment practices that increase a firm’s productivity in the banking sector. Julie Zuckerberg only hires competent individuals who want to have a career in the banking sector. Her recruitment success is from the fact that she’s able to recruit potential candidates for entry-level posts that other recruiters could not budge due to their hiring criteria. Her style involves taking the time to grow relationships with other recruiters, executive outsourcing firms, and university placement offices. She also participates in recruitment conferences and regularly evaluates potential candidates for certain open posts. Julie Zuckerberg is active on social media as it plays a crucial role in today’s job market when it comes to recruiting.


In her professional tenure, Julie Zuckerberg stint of work has a history of best in class companies. Her unmatched experience in hiring great talent has led firms to enlist her recruitment services. Julie holds expertise in the insurance and financial industries. Her recruiting career commenced in 2002 when she was hired by Hudson to be the Director of Candidate Placement. Currently, Julie Zuckerberg works at Deutsche Bank as an Executive Talent Recruitment Head. She has held this position from 2014. While in this post, Julie has been interacting with financial business leaders to enhance their hiring processes and spearhead national talent acquisition systems at the bank. She also heads in negotiations and development of offers. Outside Deutsche Bank, Julie Zuckerberg advices the team of recruiters who support PW&CC, GTO, and AM.


Prior to working in Frankfurt, Julie Zuckerberg worked for New York Life Insurance Firm as a Hire Recruiting Head and Corporate Vice President in 2013. She took charge over the role of client relationship head for high experienced positions for the agency’s business in the country. She also managed the hiring process for the team which outsourced external workforce. Before joining Hudson, Julie Zuckerberg had gathered a good amount of experience from Citi where she held the position of Executive Recruiter and Vice President. She provided a full life cycle recruiting process for Managing Director, and Director Hires within CitiCards, Citi’s Consumer Bank, and the Marketing Internet Office. She also gave advice to lead business leaders on perfecting hiring solutions. Julie offered professional guidance in the development and negotiations of complicated job offers, including equity buyouts and clawbacks. Her skills set allowed her to handle various procedures like international relocation and expatriate processes. Outside of her work circles, Julie Zuckerberg’s extra-curricular activities include jogging, and photography, while her hobbies are art, human rights, animal welfare, economic issues, science, and technology.