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Sergio Cortes Searching For Answers To Zika Epidemic

February 17th, 2016


The Zika virus has been on the front page of major news platforms because sudden increase of number of affected individuals. The first reported case of Zika virus was 11in Brazil, and it continually spread into parts of South American such as Costa Rica, Venezuela, Honduras, and Colombia. Doctor Sergio Cortes, a medical expert from Brazil, talks about the symptoms, treatment, and preventions for the Zika virus on his blog.
Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention
The virus is transmitted by a certain species of mosquito called Aedes aegypti. This species is also responsible for disease like dengue and chikungunya. Doctor Cortes also noted that mosquitos that are not carriers of the diseases may be contaminated by the virus if they bite a person infected by it. The aforementioned mosquitos will then be able to transmit the disease afterwards.
The symptoms of the disease according to Doctor Cortes vary depending on the person, though the most common ones are muscle ache, fever, and rashes. Sergio Cortes also notes that the virus is not aggressive; it takes three to seven days before the effects of the virus subside.

  1. Cortes talks about the virus as having “no specific treatment.” The only way to cure the disease it causes is to get rid of the symptoms that one is experiencing.
  2. Cortes recalls the zika virus as being present to places that can be breeding grounds for mosquitos. The primary place where mosquitos breed are those with stagnant waters such as ponds, pots, and such. Dr. Cortes advises people to remove things that can harbor such mosquitos, as well as put screens on windows in order to prevent the mosquitos reaching indoors.

Zika Virus in Brazil

  1. Cortes says that the zika virus outbreak in Brazil has become an epidemic. The country currently has more than one million reported cases of individuals infected by the disease. Dr. Cortes advises foreigners to refrain from going to Brazil in order not to transmit the virus to their home country. The virus is especially dangerous to pregnant women, as they might affect the child with birth deficiencies.


  1. Cortes enumerates the symptoms, treatment, and prevention of zika virus. He also talks about the health hazards that the virus has, especially for pregnant women. Sergio Cortes is a medical expert residing in Brazil. To know more about him, one can follow him in Facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn.