Duplicating The Message, Not The Content

Duplicating content has been a method of extending a brand so it is easier to find on the search results page. Businesses do this by creating more than one website for the same purpose. Since Google doesn’t like this though, it would be counter-productive to try and extend your brand this way. Thinking outside the box while playing by the rules will help in this regard, because the larger of a presence you have on the web, the more your online reputation will grow. So how can this be done while staying in Googles’ good graces?

If you have a carpet cleaning business, for example, you are going to have more than just one aspect of that business. The actual cleaning of carpets will be one, your transportation will be another, your sales tactics will be yet another and the chemicals you use or do not use could be yet another selling point. All of these different aspects could realistically have their own site or blog that accentuates those different points of the same business. The content then would be different across all four sites so there would be no worries about penalties coming from Google.

This also helps address the issue of getting noticed on the search results page, which, obviously, is issue number one when you are trying to get your business noticed on the web and establish a good online reputation. Caution has to be exercised though, because the more content you have, the more chances there are of getting spammed or hacked. Keeping the most secure/encrypted site that you have open for comments is a good way to go. Websites that are intended for information only, with no responses possible are pretty safe in this regard and you only have one website to maintain at that level.


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