Maggie Gill–CEO of Savannah Georgia’s Memorial University Medical Center Advocates Preventative Health:

Many individuals, feel, when finding affordable healthcare, they are heading upstream without a paddle: however, such is not the case when it comes to the efforts of MUMC’s approach to quality healthcare services. So who do we owe the preceding exceptional attitude? Why MUMC’s CEO, Maggie Gill, of course. Ms. Gill provides the type of leadership, within the healthcare setting, that is precisely what “the Doctor ordered,” or so to speak. All silliness aside: Ms. Gill proves to be a very resourceful leader. Her coupling with the healthcare provider: Eon Health has definitely been a step in the right direction.


Ms. Gill looks out for the healthcare population in the Savannah, Georgia area. This is no ordinary market. The savvy population of Savannah is well-read, well-educated, and knows quite a bit about finance and getting the best value for your dollar. The preceding is what makes the area such a sunny, engaging venue which to live and work.


Ms. Gill has stepped up to the plate, meeting the healthcare customer’s expectations in her coupling with Eon Health. Both MUMC and Eon Health believe in the importance of preventative techniques, in order to assure a healthy lifestyle. By educating the populace about the correct forms of exercise, the proper foods to eat and properly maintaining the correct levels of medication, in order to manage chronic ailments–persons in the Savannah, area are enjoying more fulfilling lives. Ms. Gill, as it pertains to the preceding health details, advocates, fully, providing as many resources as possible, in order to assure a certain standard of healthful endurance is achieved. The preceding is one of the many reasons the general public, in the Savannah area, and the internal staff inside of MUMC, embrace Maggie Gill as their leader.


Too: Ms. Gill’s team of healthcare professionals, rate second-to-none, year-after- year winning awards of achievement from professional medical organizations, and assuming the greatest in caring concern and technical abilities, in serving the healthcare client population of Savannah.


The new marriage of MUMC and Eon Health (a quality healthcare provider; serving two areas in the south) is one move that presents as tremendously positive. Ms. Gill has done it again: providing a relatively strong and unique solution, in assuring the needs of the healthcare population in Savannah are affordable and the population’s needs are adequately covered.


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