Duplicating The Message, Not The Content

February 7th, 2017

Duplicating content has been a method of extending a brand so it is easier to find on the search results page. Businesses do this by creating more than one website for the same purpose. Since Google doesn’t like this though, it would be counter-productive to try and extend your brand this way. Thinking outside the box while playing by the rules will help in this regard, because the larger of a presence you have on the web, the more your online reputation will grow. So how can this be done while staying in Googles’ good graces?

If you have a carpet cleaning business, for example, you are going to have more than just one aspect of that business. The actual cleaning of carpets will be one, your transportation will be another, your sales tactics will be yet another and the chemicals you use or do not use could be yet another selling point. All of these different aspects could realistically have their own site or blog that accentuates those different points of the same business. The content then would be different across all four sites so there would be no worries about penalties coming from Google.

This also helps address the issue of getting noticed on the search results page, which, obviously, is issue number one when you are trying to get your business noticed on the web and establish a good online reputation. Caution has to be exercised though, because the more content you have, the more chances there are of getting spammed or hacked. Keeping the most secure/encrypted site that you have open for comments is a good way to go. Websites that are intended for information only, with no responses possible are pretty safe in this regard and you only have one website to maintain at that level.


Maggie Gill–CEO of Savannah Georgia’s Memorial University Medical Center Advocates Preventative Health:

February 5th, 2017

Many individuals, feel, when finding affordable healthcare, they are heading upstream without a paddle: however, such is not the case when it comes to the efforts of MUMC’s approach to quality healthcare services. So who do we owe the preceding exceptional attitude? Why MUMC’s CEO, Maggie Gill, of course. Ms. Gill provides the type of leadership, within the healthcare setting, that is precisely what “the Doctor ordered,” or so to speak. All silliness aside: Ms. Gill proves to be a very resourceful leader. Her coupling with the healthcare provider: Eon Health has definitely been a step in the right direction.


Ms. Gill looks out for the healthcare population in the Savannah, Georgia area. This is no ordinary market. The savvy population of Savannah is well-read, well-educated, and knows quite a bit about finance and getting the best value for your dollar. The preceding is what makes the area such a sunny, engaging venue which to live and work.


Ms. Gill has stepped up to the plate, meeting the healthcare customer’s expectations in her coupling with Eon Health. Both MUMC and Eon Health believe in the importance of preventative techniques, in order to assure a healthy lifestyle. By educating the populace about the correct forms of exercise, the proper foods to eat and properly maintaining the correct levels of medication, in order to manage chronic ailments–persons in the Savannah, area are enjoying more fulfilling lives. Ms. Gill, as it pertains to the preceding health details, advocates, fully, providing as many resources as possible, in order to assure a certain standard of healthful endurance is achieved. The preceding is one of the many reasons the general public, in the Savannah area, and the internal staff inside of MUMC, embrace Maggie Gill as their leader.


Too: Ms. Gill’s team of healthcare professionals, rate second-to-none, year-after- year winning awards of achievement from professional medical organizations, and assuming the greatest in caring concern and technical abilities, in serving the healthcare client population of Savannah.


The new marriage of MUMC and Eon Health (a quality healthcare provider; serving two areas in the south) is one move that presents as tremendously positive. Ms. Gill has done it again: providing a relatively strong and unique solution, in assuring the needs of the healthcare population in Savannah are affordable and the population’s needs are adequately covered.


Jason Halpern Successful Career

February 3rd, 2017

Jason Halpern is a well-known property developer who is currently based in New York. Jason is the chief executive officer of an institution known as JMH Development. Under the leadership of Jason Halpern, JMD Development managed to invest in more than five million dollar projects in the United States. JMD Development has won the hearts of many clients in the country due to the quality of service it delivers. The family business has managed to open several branches in the country.


The Halpern Company has been responsible for the construction of several residential apartments, luxury and commercial properties in New York City and several other parts of the United States. The construction company has also invested heavily in the Westchester County. JMD Development is the pioneer in the creation of top tier commercial spaces in the county.


Jason Halpern was appointed to take control of JMH Development in the year 2010. Immediately after his appointment, Halpern decided to invest half a billion dollars in state projects. Most of these projects did very well under his leadership, making him one of the most respected leaders in the construction industry.


Jason Halpern has earned his reputation in the industry because of his immense strong vision, foresight and excellent knowledge in development and real estate activities. Halpern is a pioneer is the creation of reliable properties, especially in the luxury industry. One of his recent projects includes the renovation of 184 Kent Avenue. The facility was transformed into a 340 luxury residential rentals for the individuals living in Williamsburg and its environs.


Halpern has managed to do well in the competitive industry because of several reasons. Jason has a fervor and a great drive for renovating and building historic spaces. The successful businessman believes in appreciating the community he develops. His immense passion for constructing historical districts has led him to accomplish a lot in the country.


Apart from being successful in the construction industry, Jason Halpern is active in philanthropic activities. Jason helps the community around him to live a better life. Jason uses his resources for different noble causes in New York City.


Adam Milstein’s Ideas That Led To Hager Pacific Properties

February 3rd, 2017

While a helping hand may never be considered a bad thing for many people, one man isn’t about to rely on others to get things done if he doesn’t have to. That man is Adam Milstein, the co-founder and Managing Partner of Hager Pacific Properties and a well-known Jewish activist and philanthropist. Adam Milstein has worked hard to build the company he started with David Hager, and today they own the majority of shares in some of the most luxurious properties in California, Texas and Illinois. Adam Milstein was interviewed not long ago by Ideamensch where he shared some of the choices he’s made in his career.

Adam Milstein didn’t always have success in his business endeavors as he told Ideamensch, and the first business he had tried to launch was selling art to temple authorities while he still lived in Israel. It didn’t go quite the way Milstein planned, but he learned patience in business which served him well when he entered the real estate profession. He and David Hager started the business coming out of grad school as Adam felt that he could do better than the jobs that were being offered to him at the time. What he really likes about real estate is that there are always ups and downs in the market and there are always new trends to pay attention to.

Before he got into the real estate broker business, Milstein grew up in Israel where he spent many years helping his father in the building framing business. Both he and his father are veterans, his father a former navy serviceman that fought in the war of independence, and Adam fought in Ariel Sharon’s unit during the 1973 Yom Kippur War. Adam Milstein got his bachelor’s degree at the Technion, Israeli Institute of Technology prior to completing his master’s at USC. He’s also married to Gila Milstein who has joined him in his philanthropy. He founded the Milstein Foundation and is also the Chairman of the Israeli-American Council, a pro-Israel activist foundation that seeks to improve the US and Israel’s relations. He’s also a member of StandWithUs, Birthright Israel, Hasbara Fellowships and Jerusalem U.



Dr. Walden’s Career Journey and Success

February 2nd, 2017

Plastic surgeons make a very great contribution to boosting self-confidence. A shallow feminist might argue otherwise. But, their jobs actually turnaround the lives of most, for the better. Dr. Jennifer. L. Walden is in this category of practitioners who continue to touch the lives, one surgery at a time. Being a feminist herself, she says that she would not have pursued this course if she knew that she did not empower women or add value to them through her services.


Walden is one of the boldest yet down to earth career women. She is internationally recognized as one of the best cosmetic surgeons in the world. She prides herself in being able to portray her artistic side by helping women feel comfortable in their skin, one of the greatest factors for success. In the year 2014, a Bazaar by Harper named her as the 24th best plastic surgeons in the world.


Her bright career continues to shine in Austin. She moved to Austin in the 2011 after having worked in Manhattan for nearly a decade. The birth of her twin boys influenced the decision to go back to her hometown. She needed to be near her family to get all the support while raising her children. She also needed her children to grow up with the love that she was fortunate to have. In Austin, she set up her own practice.


Speaking of the bold step to move to Austin and start a beauty surgery practice in Westlake Hills, Walden says that she was not sure whether the people in the area would actually find her services to be of any use. She is actually surprised of how well the practice is doing today and the fact that she doesn’t spend the whole day in the office manicuring her nails.


Prior to opening her Austin practice, Walden had co-founded a practice in Manhattan. Along with her mentor Sherell Ashton, they had built one of the most successful private plastic surgery practices in New York. Before that, she received her fellowship from the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital, as one of the only two candidates selected that year.




The Recruiter Who Hires Talent, Julie Zuckerberg

February 1st, 2017

Julie Zuckerberg got her Philosophy degree at the University of New York. She learned how to use her knowledge to connect with asset managers, business leaders, and global technology experts. Since 2014, Julie Zuckerberg has worked for Deutsche Bank and has brought a new wave of change on the bank’s employees. She hires candidates with different talents and also gives hiring advice to the recruiters. Julie Zuckerberg is also behind the development of new recruitment practices that increase a firm’s productivity in the banking sector. Julie Zuckerberg only hires competent individuals who want to have a career in the banking sector. Her recruitment success is from the fact that she’s able to recruit potential candidates for entry-level posts that other recruiters could not budge due to their hiring criteria. Her style involves taking the time to grow relationships with other recruiters, executive outsourcing firms, and university placement offices. She also participates in recruitment conferences and regularly evaluates potential candidates for certain open posts. Julie Zuckerberg is active on social media as it plays a crucial role in today’s job market when it comes to recruiting.


In her professional tenure, Julie Zuckerberg stint of work has a history of best in class companies. Her unmatched experience in hiring great talent has led firms to enlist her recruitment services. Julie holds expertise in the insurance and financial industries. Her recruiting career commenced in 2002 when she was hired by Hudson to be the Director of Candidate Placement. Currently, Julie Zuckerberg works at Deutsche Bank as an Executive Talent Recruitment Head. She has held this position from 2014. While in this post, Julie has been interacting with financial business leaders to enhance their hiring processes and spearhead national talent acquisition systems at the bank. She also heads in negotiations and development of offers. Outside Deutsche Bank, Julie Zuckerberg advices the team of recruiters who support PW&CC, GTO, and AM.


Prior to working in Frankfurt, Julie Zuckerberg worked for New York Life Insurance Firm as a Hire Recruiting Head and Corporate Vice President in 2013. She took charge over the role of client relationship head for high experienced positions for the agency’s business in the country. She also managed the hiring process for the team which outsourced external workforce. Before joining Hudson, Julie Zuckerberg had gathered a good amount of experience from Citi where she held the position of Executive Recruiter and Vice President. She provided a full life cycle recruiting process for Managing Director, and Director Hires within CitiCards, Citi’s Consumer Bank, and the Marketing Internet Office. She also gave advice to lead business leaders on perfecting hiring solutions. Julie offered professional guidance in the development and negotiations of complicated job offers, including equity buyouts and clawbacks. Her skills set allowed her to handle various procedures like international relocation and expatriate processes. Outside of her work circles, Julie Zuckerberg’s extra-curricular activities include jogging, and photography, while her hobbies are art, human rights, animal welfare, economic issues, science, and technology.


The Untold Story Of How Lip Balm Upstart EOS Outdid Chapstick

January 24th, 2017

For more than 100 years, purchasing a lip balm was one of the wildest things to do. As a matter of fact, you would go a long way before you get the best place to purchase through numerous stores. Or all those lip balms you would get, they were always accompanied by a list of complete ingredient in the packages. You would also want to keep the tasteless original if you wanted to get it wider in the plantation states. One of the biggest flaws in the market was the advantage of the flavors associated with the introduction of the mint for cherry.

However, it all changed seven years ago when the introduction of the EOS lip balm. This was a new age of development and innovation where these lip balms filled the world and popped up everywhere. They also had a non-critical take over the shelves of supermarkets and other stores dealing in these materials. They were also adopted to use the Allure and Cosmo beauty areas in the country. As a matter of fact, they were the best thing to happen to the world of technology and innovation. According to a recent media release, the Kim Kardashians were also spotted whipping their balls and their markup bags.

EOS is the full name of the company in acronyms which means Evolution to Smartness. While the name speaks it all, we are also obliged to take the smoothest events in the recent media release. Until now, the founders of the company have worked to speak about the thriving business and how they started the company. EOS lip balms are sold at the shelves of Walmart and Target stores nationwide. For now, the company has an estimate of more than $250 million in net worth through their sales and offices throughout the country. As a matter of fact, the company was also reported as one of the fastest-growing companies based in the United States.

Website: https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/

George Soros transforming the American justice system

January 18th, 2017

George Soros and his fellow Democrats are working to reform the criminal justice system. George Soros is one of the few donors who has given millions to make it happen. Reshaping the justice system, has been a goal of the Democratic party, since they realized that District Attorneys were failing to do their job and prosecute officers involved in the death of minorities.

George Soros has funneled more than $3 million into several local district-attorney campaigns on nytimes.com in six states throughout 2016. He has spent more on these campaigns, than the entire amount spent on the 2016 presidential campaign, by almost everyone except for a few major donors.

George Soros supports African-American and Hispanic candidates for the district attorney positions in those local communities. All these candidates have ran on platforms that shared some of the goals of Soros’ including, sending some drug offenders to diversion programs instead of to trial. Soros’ actions are the loudest in a push by the left, to find and finance candidates are focused on criminal justice reform on project-syndicate.org. These district attorney positions are outlets to the federal courts.

Soros’ continued fight and financial contributions, have angered many of his opponents on Time.com. Soros has spent millions on district attorney races in Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico and Texas, through a handful of super PAC’s and a national unlimited money group named “Safety and Justice.” Each organization receive most of its funding directly from George Soros, which has been confirmed by federal financial records.

The “Safety and Justice” group in Florida has shoved almost $1.4 million into a low-key Democratic primary for state attorney in Central Florida. The Soros funded group is backing former public defender and prosecutor Aramis Ayala. Ayala has the potential of serving in a jurisdiction that covers 1.6 million people across two counties in Orlando.

Opposing candidates have attacked George Soros, saying his influence has made residents less safe. Democratic operatives are saying that the recent increase in news coverage of racial justice issues, including the deaths of African-Americans, sparked increased interest in the role of district attorneys.

Criminal justice reform groups have spent years fighting for positive criminal justice reform that would decrease incarceration rates. Soros’ Open Societies Foundation at http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/1997/02/the-capitalist-threat/376773/, works on drug policy and criminal justice reform. According to a study by the Reflective Democracy Campaign, 95% of elected local prosecutors in the U.S. are white and three-quarters are white men. Soros will continue to support those join the fight for criminal justice reform, until the courts are fair in their sentencing.

An Herbal Path to Rejuvenation by Dherbs.com

January 17th, 2017

Dherbs Cleanse solutions from Dherbs.com could be the gift for you all who need to revive themselves. Although there are hundreds of companies selling different types of body cleansing and detoxification solutions to their clients, Dherbs.com has made a special place for itself with its revolutionary products, business model, and an amazing website.



  1. Dherbs.com specializes in herbal supplements, natural remedies and solutions that can rejuvenate your body. With our hectic busy life, each of us has been accumulating our bodies with toxins and stress. This is the reason; we are always feeling tired, depressed and exhausted. However, with the help of Dherbs Cleanse solutions, we can finally drain out those toxins from our body, feel revived and live our life to the fullest.

Dherbs.com is a website that is pretty nice and tidy. Browsing this site is quite easy as it has all the sections and products nicely organized. No matter who you are, you won’t face any problems going through their catalog and order their products. They have a wide variety of supplements which are herbal, free from any toxins and 100% suitable for our body, in addition to Dherbs.com’s roster of healthy recipes to compliment their offerings. With their cleanses, you can manage to lose weight, feel revived, get more energy, improve blood circulation and immune system and feel your best.



It is not us, hundreds of reviewers in Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter, who have appraised their products and services. You can also find the example of Pastor Hosea Collins who has managed to lose a whopping 130lb so that he could donate his kidney to his wife. Although it was a tough task, he had Dherbs and its CEO A.D. Dolphin at his side. With help from them, Pastor Hosea Collins managed to achieve the impossible. His story was featured on national media, and it has gone viral on most of the social media sites.


But it is not only about cleaning products that Dherbs.com has to offer. They have a huge collection of health-related blogs, articles, tips that can help you to improve your health and life. If you visit their social media site, you will find a huge resource of health and cleansing tips.  Read more about them in Earthly Bodies helpful breakdown here:



GM Contract Dispute Leads Bruce Levenson To Court

January 5th, 2017

The sale of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise to a consortium headed by the billionaire Tony Ressler for a reported $730 million by Forbes may have brought an end to the ownership of the team by a group headed by Maryland based business leader Bruce Levenson, but the head of UCG is still fighting insurance giant AIG over a claim made prior to the sale of the historic team. Former Hawks General Manager Danny Ferry is the subject of the claim after Levenson’s legal team stated an insurance claim made over the mutual termination of his contract had not been responded to by AIG since the completion of the sale of the franchise to Ressler.

Legal papers filed with a Fulton County court detail the timeline of the insurance claim, but do not reveal the level of financial reward being sought by the Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment LLC consortium; papers that have been made public do state the Levenson led group is seeking a 50 percent financial penalty against AIG and all legal costs to become the responsibility of the New Hampshire based insurance giant. AIG were notified prior to the termination of Danny Ferry’s contract about comments relating to a constructive dismissal insurance claim.

Over the course of his career Bruce Levenson has created a number of different businesses beginning in the 1970s when the former journalist established the United Communications Group alongside his business partner Ed Peskowitz. Beginning as a new form of oil industry newsletter the business has now become a supplier of real time information to industrial sectors from around the world; communications technology developed for UCG has been used by Bruce Levenson to create new business opportunities, including the TechTarget company and the popular GasBuddy app that provides information for general consumers.

Source: http://brucelevenson.com/