We Need to Fund Efforts against Antibiotic Resistance to Stave off an Uncertain Medical Future

Doctors, scientists and health officials have been warning us for a while now that the overuse of antibiotics is causing the rise of resistant strains of various disease causing organisms. A new report indicates we need to step up funding for the search for new antibiotics if we wish to stay ahead of disease strains adapting to our current preventive measures.

For years we have had a nightmarish vision presented to us of what it will be like to live in a post-antibiotic world. People will be dying from resistant offshoots of infections that we treat easily today. Imaging advantage suggests if doctors do not stop over-prescribing these types of medicines, then coming up with new ones to stay on top of the problem may be our only hope of avoiding that awful future. In a world of tightening financial belts and government debt and deficits, public officials may not want to spend the research dollars, but our lives may literally depend on it. Earlier this year, President Obama said he wants to double the amount of money the U.S. Federal government spends on fighting the problem of resistance to antibiotics. In a government that does spend too much overall, this may be one area where we should make the investment for our future. It may be us laying in that hospital bed 10 or 20 years from now wishing that we’d spent the money today and over the next few years to stay ahead of this problem.

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